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Title : ज्योत से ज्योत जगाओ Jyot Se Jyot Jagao
Description : ज्योत से ज्योत जगाओ Jyot Se Jyot Jagao

Āratī of Shrī Sadgurudevjī

Jyot se jyot jagāo, Sadguru jyot se jyot jagāo.
Merā antar timir mitāo, Sadguru jyot se jyot jagāo.

O true divine Master! Kindle the flame of our hearts with that of Thine. Pray, dispel the darkness within by enlightening our inner selves.

1. He yogeshvar, he gyaneshvar,
He sarveshvar, he parmeshvar, Nij kirpā barasāo.
O Lord of lords! Perfect yogi and the embodiment of divine
wisdom, shower Thy divine grace upon us.

2. Ham bālak tere dvāre pe āye,
Mangal daras dikhāo.
Thy children are knocking at Thy door,
Beseeching for Thy holy darshan (sight).
3. Shīsh jhukāye karein terī āratī,
Prem sudhā barsāo.
Bowed down in devotion, we sing Thy Áratī.
O divine Master! Drench us with Thy love-nectar.
4. Antar mein yug-yug se soī,
Chidshakti ko jagāo.
For eons, my soul has slumbered in ignorance.
Awaken in me the divine conscious Power.
5. Sānchī jot jage hirday mein,
Soham nād jagāo.
Let the divine flame burn in my heart. Awaken within,
O Gurudev, the realization of ‘So Ham’ — ‘I am That’!
6. Jīvanmukt ānand avināshī,
Charanan sharan lagāo.
Liberated and established in the Bliss indestructible art Thou.
Pray, please grant us refuge at Thy holy feet.
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