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Title : SOURCE - anything MAP - 3/25 open! (OH HOLD)
Description : EYEYEY

try to make it pleasing to watch! idk how you would do that but whatever lol
try to make it trippy but not psychedelic if that makes sence? like, make it weird and fast paced but not so much to where i have to put a warning in the video.
get inspiration from the music video: /watch?v=9RHFFeQ2tu4
you can use ANYTHING! (exept for sonic or fnaf. i might allow mlp)
no nsfw
tell me what you will be using!

use the pallete in the video! the brighter colors are for the characters and the darker colors are for the background!
2- Nostalgic Lollipop (eddsworld or hamilton)
3- Nostalgic Lollipop (eddsworld or hamilton)
4- Sonyarus (ocs)
5- Kirstentheartist (ocs)
6- TUNA LOSER (lego movie or pokemon black and white)
7- F100F (ocs)
9- Dahgon (ocs)
10- Dahgon (ocs)
12- livinggrape (The last guardian)
13- WindBird
15- Lupius Lagoon (eddsworld)
16- Lupius Lagoon (eddsworld)
17- Hadel (hamilton)
18- shadow ice (south park)
19- STRONG PIGEON (ocs or megaman x)
20- Frogbane (ocs)
21- mine (eddsworld) DONE
22- mine (eddsworld saloonatics)
23- Kakrylu (ocs)
24- Kakrylu (ocs)
25- LICOTIA BAG (eddsworld)

so much eddsworld omg XDD
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