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Title : Rifle's Spiral Map (Open for backups) 20/28 done
Description : EDIT: One thing that I forgot to say and it's a bit important, so if you're in the map READ IT - I cut the music for you guys so you really don't need to add any cut offs. *sigh* I'm not upset if you already did, but if you didn't - don't do it.

Okay, so after a few great maps.. I decided to open one again. But this one is going to be different, and I don't really know how it will work out, but let's try. Parts are a bit long, I know, but I was trying to make as small amount of parts as possible

Base rules about Map:

- Not come first come serve. I'll look at your other animations.
- Max 2 parts per person (And I broke my own rules. Oh well..)
- You don't have to cut the music by yourself, download your part from here
- Don't add any scripts on your part, even signature - I'll add it
- Do as many frames as you can
- No deadline, but I can be really annoying with reminders, so treat it like two weeks map.
- Extensions only if you send me a wip
- Violence is fine! just don't do much gore

Map theme rules:

- You don't need to play any game to join this map, watching a gameplay is enough. You'll have some time to watch something if you want to join, but you don't know any game - I'll give the parts after a day or two (some people can get their parts faster tho)
- It's a video games map, so use orginal characters from the game that you'll animate. No fanmade oc's, no cat/dog versions of the character.
- This is not a spoof map.
- If the game which you choose has a plot, you don't have to follow it in your part, you can do something diffrent as long as it fits to the game universe and characters in it
- About spoilers - try to not animate just the ending of your game if it's like... main character dies, BUT I'll write that the map might contain spoilers
- You don't have to focus on main character of the game. You can animate your favourite one, unless if they are just random background character which nobody even remember
- One part - one game. Unless you're taking two parts like 1 and 2, then you can animate one game in a longer part. If you take for example part 1 and 3, then you have to animate 2 different games.
- If you see that someone already picked the game you wanted to animate.. well.. you have to choose another one.
- Tell me what game you'd animate when you're asking for a part ( you can ask in the comments here or with deviantart note)

!!Not allowed games!! - Undertale, Five nights at Freddys, Minecraft, Pokemon AND any game which has too variegated colors or cute characters. By cute I mean for example smol purple dragon or blue hedgehog if you know what I mean.


1 - Chikki Noodles ( The Legend of Zelda and the Last Guardian) * reminder 2 sent
2 - Pearly Flame ( The Witcher ) ✔
3 - OzCrystal (uncharted 4) * reminder 2 sent
4 - Shelly Key (Until Dawn) ✔
5 - Ɖawn Ɒε♏ΟΠ Ⱳ🔥lƒ ( Ori and the Blind Forest) ✔
6 - Karliah Auditore (Skyrim) ✔
7 - Dira~ (Life is Strange) ***still bullying this poor child*
8 - BambinoCheeno (We Happy Few) * reminder 2 sent
9 -
10 - Netervir (Team Fortress 2) ✔
11 - Netervir (Team Fortress 2) ✔
12 - Night Sheep (Game of thrones: Telltale games) ✔
13 - pizza-rea (The Beginner's Guilde) ✔
14 - Akea (World of Warcraft) ✔
15 - Haste (fire emblem) ✔
16 - mata schmata (Starbound) * reminder 2 sent
17 - D3LT4R1-2 n (Final Fantasy 9) ✔
18 - Netervir (Mirror's Edge) ✔
19 - zmidboss mitchie (God Eater franchise) ✔
20 - Netervir (Bioshock) ✔
21 - Netervir (Bioshock) ✔
22 - Toxaotic (Don't Starve) ✔
23 - Toxaotic (Don't Starve) ✔
24 - Haste (OFF) ✔
25 - Fateless Knight (Borderlands/Borderlands 2/Presequel) *reminder sent
26 - Laiwavie (S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl) ✔
27 - dream-inq (Dishonored) *reminder sent
28 - outro Netervir (using Portal 2) ✔


- Netervir the ultimate backup for every part
- Dira~ - I'll force her to animate for me
- Murlott (Portal)

Music: The Shins - The Rifle's Spiral
Map background is a screen from MIND: Path to Thalamus
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