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Title : The Guardian Shadow | Lineart | O.c Map | OPEN!
Description : To. Many. Maps!

1.) Please use the same Lineart as the color of the part you get.
And rainbow is for a flashback
Blue is: Sad or Scared
White is: Happy
Red is: Battle or Anger
Yellow is: Guardian
Green is: Use your Evil o,c's
2.) Follow the script
3.) only use your o.c's
4.) When you finish send it to me by this email: [email protected]
5.) I'll let you have up to 4 parts maybe 5 if you get them done
6.) I'll make a due date when the map is full
7.) If you have the part(s) where you have a green character do this
Green: your evil o,c
Yellow: power star
Purple: Your good o.c
If you read all the rules say your favorite food

Use this for inspiration:
Use this too for inspiration:
And this:

Do a flashback of your favorite memory

Part 1: Desiree Rosales
Flashback ends and ____ (your o.c) Is wandering in the forest

Part 2: Luna TheWolf
____ and ____ meet and _______ (second o.c) reads ______ Soul

Part 3: Foxy Dash (DONE!)
______ Grabs _____ and runs to a cliff and jumps off

Part 4: Mine (DONE!)
_____ Is in the air flying

Part 5: ToyBonnieLover 2005
(Still flying)

Part 6:
_____ and _____ Reach an island

Part 7:
_____ and _____ meet these little fairies that play music

Part 8: Mrs. Draw Studio's
(Just do anything)

Part 9:
(Your evil o.c) Looks and sees ___ and ____ around the fairies

Part 10: SweetyCat 1987 (DONE!)
(Your evil o.c) Thinks of an evil plan to destroy the island and the fairies

Part 11:
(Your evil o.c) brings ____ (first o.c in the begging) Into another woods

Part 12: CrashKatt
(Your evil o.c) Runs off and grabs the power star

Part 13: Mine
(Your evil o.c) try's to Talk _____ Into destroying the Power star to gain power, money, and ect.

Part 14: CrashKatt
(Your good o.c) Yells "NO!" And try's to attack ____ (your Evil o.c)

Part 15: CrashKatt
(Your bad o.c) Kills ____ (your good o.c)
Part 16:
(Your good o.c) Runs away in the forest until they reach a cliff

Part 17:
(Flashback) Think about the Boston masicure... Use that but have you
o.c watching from a super far distance

Part 18:
(Part 17 continued)

Part 19: Mine
_______ if falling off the cliff and _______ Is looking down laughing

Part 20: Mine
_____ became an angel

Part 21: Fnaf 1,2,3 and 4 Fan
_____ and _____ battle

Part 22:
(Flashback) Seeing the evil o.c killing _____

Part 23:
______ (an o.c with (now has) wings) gets angry and kills the bad o.c

Outro: Mine

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