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Title : Epoch Fandom MAP SLOSED[28/28] Done[10/28]
Description : Rules
1.Two part per person.
2.Fandom you can use: Steven Universe , Fnaf , Oc's , The last guardian , Undertale ...
3.Please no Mlp , Lps , Pokemon or Warror cat's .
4.You can use animals like cats (lion, Tiger , Puma...) , dog , wolf, bird ... People Can be used too.
5.You can animate (must 15 frames!) Is allowed and the PMV.
6.Everything has to be painted , shadow is not required.
7.You do not have to follow pallete!
8.No nsfw!
9.Please do not enter in Map if you can not finish your part.
10.Deadline is in 15th march!
11.If you can not get to finish during the extended period will give you another week!
12.It is not mandatory to put sound , I'll do it for you.
13.Must be full screen!
14.All animating programs are allowed except for flipnote!
15.If you read the rules, tell me the fandom you gonna use!
1A- Agent SpaceDorito
2A- Agent SpaceDorito
3A- tomandfriends [Done]
4A- tomandfriends [Done]
1B- Spearstrike
2B- NecaCat
3B- Gravity Universe Animated Productions [Done]
4B- Kam Noir [Done]
1C- InfinitMountain [Done]
2C- InfinitMountain [Done]
3C- TwilightWolf2 [Done]
4C- TwilightWolf2 [Done]
1D- Rindenfresse [Done]
2D- Rindenfresse [Done]
3D- Leaf Glow
4D- mlpgoldie
1E- AmberAnimations
2E- AmberAnimations
3E- Vivimanga Conan [Done]
4E- Vivimanga Conan [Done]
1F- Kat_Girl25
2F- Kat_Girl25
3F- Mangle Fnaf 2
4F- Mangle Fnaf 2
1G- Nami Flyon
2G- Nami Flyon
3G- Spearstrike
4G- NecaCat

Song: /watch?v=K3m3_7RoGZk&t=106s
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